Dargaville Production Stockcar Club

Finlayson Park Raceway, 120 Jervois St, State Highway 14, Dargaville

Proudly Sponsored by Harrison Contracting.

Special thanks to Wilson Earthmoving, Firestone Dargaville, and Manukau Super Strike for many years of support.

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Parking free; no dogs however, please!

Hot food and cold drinks are available at the club canteen: you can bring your own refreshments, but there is to be absolutely no consumption of alcohol prior to the completion of racing, as above all we strive to be a family-friendly facility.

Spectators are permitted in the pit area prior to the start of racing, but must be aware of the hazards of moving vehicles and children must always be under the supervision of an adult.

Race Calendar 2019/2020


Our postal address is:

For general inquiries, contact our secretary


Racing requires an active CTRA membership from any CTRA-affiliated racetrack.

New competitors are welcome to register with us for $80 for a combined club membership and CTRA license. Pre-register at the CTRA portal and then your membership will be active once we have your payment. Social and family memberships are also available: talk to our secretary or club steward for more details.

You can get the current CTRA Rulebook online online; if you are buying or planning to build a racecar, make sure to check for important changes to the rules for the 2019-2020 season, and if you have specific questions feel welcome to talk to a scrutineer at a race meeting.

Visiting competitors from SNZ tracks are welcome; we run stockcars, limited saloons and production saloons with the same specifications. If you're in a different class, you're welcome too - whatever you race, bring friends and we'll make room for you, and if you give us some warning we'll be happy to try and put together anything special you need. Camping space is available at the track if you arrive on Saturday, and there's plenty of accomodation nearby since we are only a short distance out of town.


The Dargaville Production Stockcar Club raced for several years in Te Kopuru, a settlement near Dargaville south along the Pouto peninsula.

In 1977 the Dargaville Production Stockcar Club Incorporated was formed and moved to its current location at Awakino Point, situated approximately 1.5 km from Dargaville on State Highway 14, the road from Dargaville to Whangarei.

The racing track has undergone major changes since 1977 when it was just a swampy paddock surrounded by maize fields. The track is now a small clay oval approximately 400 metres long with 12 metre wide corners and 10 metre wide straights.

The Club went through a period of uncertainty during late 1999 and early 2000 with the possibility of the Club losing the lease on the land on which the track was situated. Members reacted positively to this and bonded together with a good result in early 2000 when an agreement was reached with the Council to purchase the land.

The land then became known as Finlayson Park Raceway, owned by the Dargaville Production Stockcar Club Inc., thus making it the first Northland dirt track to own its own land.